December 4th: Pre-Conference Workshop: Haptic Hollywood

Haptics has left the lab and entered mainstream entertainment. But it's still early days. Come learn about the challenges and successes experienced over the last few months and years by  pioneers in haptic entertainment. Here are some example topics the panel will cover:

Dec. 4th: Pre-Conference Workshop

Haptic Hollywood


  • What do we need to change about how we think and work to thrive in this space?
  • How is creative control shared between  directors/musicians/content owners  and haptic artists?
  • How can we in this nascent industry enable haptic entertainment to scale further?
  • Are there particular  market engagement strategies that have been successful or unsuccessful?
  1. Welcome and Introduction of Panelists

    Moderator: David Birnbaum, Director, UX Design, Immersion

    Each panelist will give a brief introduction of themselves, their company, and share a case study of their technology

    • William Provancher, Ph.D., Founder, Tactical Haptics
    • Sinclair Fleming, Lead Engineer, Starbreeze Studios
    • Alex Driskill-Smith, Vice President Business Development, Ultrahaptics
  2. Panel Discussion with Moderator Questions

  3. Panel Discussion with Audience Questions

  4. Pre-Conference Conclusion

    Light snacks, coffee and social hour