Why is the Infinite Success Loop Important to the Haptics Industry?

Smithers Apex: How have you incorporated such business models as the Infinite Success Loop at Fitbit? Do you find that teams respond positively to clearly defined business models for success?

Tina Dao:  I have incorporated the Infinite Success Loop model at Fitbit with more than one team and have found that team members do respond positively because they see how they are directly connected to the company and department objectives. 

Smithers Apex: Explain the importance of physical experience for the consumer. Why do you feel it is important to consumers to feel connected to their health/wellness tools?

Tina Dao:  Motivation is often delivered through a physical experience that is why it is  important.

Smithers Apex: Why do you think it is important for a brand to incorporate new technology such as haptics into its products? 

Tina Dao:  Our products are about helping people live healthier lives which means we want to motivate and encourage health choices in a fun way.  Haptics along with inspiring messages is one way we do it.

Smithers Apex: What are some key takeaways from your presentation and why is it important for those within this industry to hear your message?

Tina Dao:  With a few techniques and disciplined actions, teams and companies can mature, adapt, and motivate their employees.  It is important for companies that want to keep up, pull ahead, and/or mature to know some of these fundamental techniques that Cultivate Superpower Teams.

Smithers Apex: What are you most excited to see at Smart Haptics 2017?

Tina Dao:  Learning about how others are using and thinking about haptics as it relates to people’s health and wellness.