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Abstract Submission

In addition to our invited speakers, we are currently looking for industry experts who have specializations or expertise within the haptics community to submit a speaker abstract for consideration. If you would like to share your knowledge or inspire discussion and development at this year's conference, we want to hear from you!

Please submit your abstract for consideration using the online form below.

2022 Call for Papers Topics include:

  • The Standardization of Haptics – Where Are We Now
  • Haptics for Patient Care and Medical Needs
  • What’s New in Actuator Technology
  • The Importance of Haptics/VR for Surgery and Medical Training
  • New Technology in the Gaming World
  • Discussion on Design Guidelines for Haptics
  • Haptics in Virtual Reality – A Fully Immersive Experience
  • Soft Robotics and Novel Materials
  • How Haptics can Bring Accessibility and Inclusivity into the Tech Space
  • Haptics in the Metaverse 

Please submit your abstract using the online form below. All abstracts are due June 10, 2022!