Smart Haptics 2019

At Tanvas, our mission is to connect people to the digital world through rich touch interactions.

Despite advances in graphics and sound, today’s touchscreen is still just a lifeless window into the digital world. Our technology adds a new dimension – the realistic sense of touch – so you can create dynamic textures that can be felt with the swipe of a finger.

We use electrostatics to control friction and create virtual touch. The applications for this technology are endless – feel the edges of keys, the snap of a toggle switch, the swipe of a turned page, the direction and magnitude of impacts in a game.

For anyone who wants to elevate, deliver or participate in a more engaging and complete touchscreen experience, Tanvas provides a touchable canvas on which to create. Our programmable tools allow OEMs, agencies and developers to imagine and create an infinite number of holistic and integrated experiences on any touch display.

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