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2022 Speakers

The 2022 agenda has been announced! Join Google, Meta, Woven Planet, Grewus, Boréas Technologies, FundamentalVR, Sensoria Health, Ultraleap, Elitac Wearables, PSYONIC, InterDigital, and many more this December 7-8 in Seattle, WA as they present leading insights into the evolving haptics industry. 

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Simon Chaput - Boréas Technologies Inc.

Simon Chaput

Founder and President at Boréas Technologies Inc.
Masatoshi Miyakawa - Miraisens, Inc.

Masatoshi Miyakawa

Business Development Director at Miraisens, Inc.
Jas Brooks - University of Chicago

Jas Brooks

PhD Student at University of Chicago
Dr. Danny Grant, PhD - Innovobot Labs

Dr. Danny Grant, PhD

Co-founder and CTO at Innovobot Labs
David Parisi (PhD, NYU) - College of Charleston

David Parisi (PhD, NYU)

Professor of Emerging Media at College of Charleston
Jacquelyn Ford Morie - XPRIZE

Jacquelyn Ford Morie

Prize Technical Advisor at XPRIZE
Maud Clavier - VRrOOm

Maud Clavier

Associate & COO at VRrOOm
Vicky Smalley - FundamentalVR

Vicky Smalley

CTO at FundamentalVR
Richard Vincent - FundamentalVR

Richard Vincent

CEO/Co-Founder at FundamentalVR
Peter Cooney - SAR Insight & Consulting

Peter Cooney

COO at SAR Insight & Consulting
Nicholas Colonnese - Facebook Reality Labs

Nicholas Colonnese

Research Science Director at Facebook Reality Labs
Davide Vigano - Sensoria Health Inc.

Davide Vigano

Co-Founder and CEO at Sensoria Health Inc.
Sheyna Gordon - Head of Communications

Sheyna Gordon

OWO at Head of Communications
Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D. - IDRAC Business School

Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing at IDRAC Business School
Peter Botticelli - Vice President

Peter Botticelli

SynTouch at Vice President
Tyler Gibson - Magic Leap

Tyler Gibson

Director of Product Research and Data at Magic Leap
Hong Z. Tan - Google

Hong Z. Tan

Lead Haptics Scientist at Google & Professor of Electrical and Computer Eng. Purdue University at Google
Dr. Manuel Kuehner - Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota

Dr. Manuel Kuehner

Haptics Engineer at Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota
Guus de Hoog - Elitac Wearables

Guus de Hoog

Creative Director at Elitac Wearables
Eric Vezzoli - Haptics, Razer Inc.

Eric Vezzoli

Associate Director at Haptics, Razer Inc.
Craig Douglass  - Contact CI

Craig Douglass

CEO and Co-Founder at Contact CI
Elisa Santella - Grewus

Elisa Santella

Managing Director at Grewus
Caleb Eubanks - RealityCheckVR

Caleb Eubanks

Paid Consultant / Digital Content Marketer at RealityCheckVR
Francois Jeanneau - Yageo

Francois Jeanneau

Director Product Management at Yageo
Sarath Rangu - Microsoft

Sarath Rangu

Sr. Business Development Manager – Metaverse, Microsoft at Microsoft
Brian Kappus - Ultraleap

Brian Kappus

Distinguished Engineer at Ultraleap
Philippe Guillotel - InterDigital

Philippe Guillotel

Distinguished Scientist at InterDigital
Alex Meland - Contact CI

Alex Meland

Strategic Partnership Manager at Contact CI
Aadeel Akhtar - PSYONIC

Aadeel Akhtar

CEO, Founder at PSYONIC
Robert Desautels - D-Box Technologies

Robert Desautels

Chief Technology Officer at D-Box Technologies
Hao-Yen Tang - UltraSense Systems Inc.

Hao-Yen Tang

Co-founder and CTO at UltraSense Systems Inc.
Ashley Huffman - TITAN Haptics

Ashley Huffman

Head of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at TITAN Haptics