RevelHMI Advanced Haptic Technology

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RevelHMI develops technologies that will revolutionize the haptic interface by enabling haptic communication in a wide range of devices including IoT, gaming, mobile computing, automotive.

Our Non-Linear Resonant Actuators™ (NLRA™) deliver dramatically better haptic performance than competitive actuators and are easily tunable to allow disruptive and differentiated products.

NLRAs are easily scaled in size to meet device size constraints and require less space than competitors because they have much higher power density and simple construction.

RevelHMI lowers costs by delivering customized solutions that fit within device constraints and provide exacting performance reducing development time and risk. Our actuators also reduce support issues with life cycles beyond one billion cycles.

RevelHMI is developing several other haptic technologies that we will announce in the coming months and years to enable transformative haptic performance.

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