Potential for Haptics in the Medical Field

Smithers Apex: What are some benefits of haptics in your industry?

Freddy Abnousi: The potential for haptics spans industries to the medical field. When a patient comes in with a heart attack, open heart surgery used to be the norm. But in the last two decades, the field of interventional cardiology has developed a new way for the cardiologist to deliver tools through the vasculature to open up blocked arteries without needing to crack open the chest.   

Smithers Apex: What are some key takeaways from your presentation and why is it important for those within this industry to hear your message?

Freddy Abnousi: This revolutionary field requires the interventionalist to sense minuscule changes on their finger tips and respond with tiny movements on the order of millimeters, often meaning the difference between life and death. This novel treatment method sets the stage for the ultimate haptics challenge—whether we can build the level of granularity and multidimensionality required so that we can make life and death decisions without even being at the bedside.

Smithers Apex: What are you most excited to see at Smart Haptics 2017?

Freddy Abnousi: I’m very excited to hear about cutting edge haptic technologies being used/developed in a variety of industries.  This should  provide lessons I can take back to apply to my own field of medicine.